About Us

Dianne n GlennS & L Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization founded by Lisa and Steve Diacik, devoted to rescuing animals from kill shelters across the nation. Late October 2011, after saving hundreds of lives and touching so many families, Lisa and Steve decided to pursue new endeavors in the state of Arizona. Without their dedication, sacrifices, and passion for saving lives otherwise lost to over-crowding, neglect, and abuse, we would not have been able to continue their selfless efforts to save these unwanted pets.  They have handed over the reins to Dianne Wiley who graciously accepted the role of President of S & L Animal Rescue. With her passion and the tutelage from our founders, Dianne has not skipped a beat and has successfully performed the daily operations and continues to rescue these animals in need.  With a heavy heart, we would like to wish Lisa and Steve all the best with their new endeavors and thank them for all that they have done and the mark they have left behind. We will miss them dearly and we hope to make them proud!